App Review: Experian Credit Tracker


Experian Credit Tracker is a helpful app that let's you access important financial information like your Experian Credit Report, FICO® Score, and also helps you monitor your credit. All of your vital financial information is updated each day you log into the application. the Experian Credit Tracker app will also notify the user when it identifies important changes to his or her credit report. You'll always be up-to-date with every bit of information regarding your financial status, the Experian Credit Tracker app, promises to unfailingly have all the data you need, right at your fingertips.

To begin using the Experian Credit Tracker application, the user only has to sign in to his or her Experian Credit Tracker account (given that he or she already has one), then the app will give the option to input a passcode to further secure the application. The user will be asked to enter the passcode each time the application is opened, so you don't have to worry about anyone snooping into your financial information. If you don't have an Experian Credit Tracker membership yet, the cost for one is $1 to try for a seven-day trial; and after that, it's $22 per month. The user can sign up for the service within the app itself and begin monitoring the Experian credit data right away.



After entering the username and password for the first time, and setting up the app's passcode, you'll be welcomed to the Experian Credit Tracker Dashboard where you can see the most important information at a glance. At the top the user can check his or her FICO Score, all presented in a nice looking graph, that can be swiped to the left to see the score from previous months. When tapping on a graph point, you can see the exact score along with the rating that the Experian Credit Tracker app gives you; In this detailed pop-up, the user can also keep track of how much its score increased or decreased, which is a really helpful feature.

On the bottom half of the Dashboard, you can see your Credit Summary, Score Factors, a Score Simulator, and a shortcut to your Experian Credit Reports as of today.



Experian Credit Tracker features a navigation drawer, which is accessed by swiping right from the left edge of the screen. This navigation drawer includes a list with every part of the app, including your Credit Reports, Alerts and History, Credit Summary, the useful Score Simulator, Score Factors, Videos, along with a Help and Feedback feature.



When tapping on Credit Reports, you'll get the option to generate an Experian Report and FICO Score, as of today. After the app generates your report, you can see your total open and closed accounts, check your score, consult your inquiries (Which occur when applying for new lines of credit) by Date, Name, or Type. When viewing your inquiries, a detailed card is shown for each, in which you can see practical information, including the phone number and address.


Alerts basically are changes to your credit profile, in this section of the app, you can see every reported change; so you'll never be left wondering if something damages your FICO Score or when a new credit account is open. You can get notifications of each alert sent directly to your device as soon as they are reported.



In the Credit Summary section, you are greeted with a beautiful pie chart that shows the five main elements that have contributed to your current FICO Score. You can go into more detail for each element by tapping the name of the element. Some of these main contributors for your FICO Score include, the Length of Credit, Pursuit of New Credit, Types of Credits Used, your Payment History, and your current Debt.



The Score simulator is where you can check how your score might change in the future basing results on your bill paying habits, your Revolving Accounts, the possibility of taking out a mortgage of your choice, and your Installment Accounts, where you can consult how will your score be affected by taking out a loan.


In the Score Factors section, you can also check what has affected your score in the past, so you can identify and work over the issues hurting your FICO Score. In here, you can also get a Rating for your history and Score, all powered by the Experian Data.



The Experian Credit Tracker app features a wide variety of videos that will help you improve your financial situation, these come ranging from an introduction to the Experian Tracker app, to even a detailed explanation of when should you ask for a higher credit limit. All of these videos are a key feature of the app and will without a doubt help you be more informed about how to manage your finance and what to do in certain specific cases.

The Help and Feedback section is where you'll find all the terms and conditions you're agreeing on and most importantly it gives you a way to communicate with the Experian team in case something goes wrong. Within this section, you can also set up the passcode (if you haven't already).


Overall, the Experian Credit Tracker app is a great tool to manage your finances and keep track of your FICO Score, which is in my opinion the main and best feature of the app. The whole application feels great and snappy, I didn't experience any lag while using it and the complete UI was pleasing to look at with some Material Design elements. Experian Credit Tracker is a must-buy for everyone looking to improve their FICO Score, as it details every aspect that might be hurting it and will help you find a solution for your financial issues.


  • Features (5/5) – Experian Credit Tracker felt like it has everything it needs from a credit tracker, the main element is the FICO Score inclusion, which is greatly implemented. The application seemed just right, on features. Nothing to be added, and nothing that is not necessary.
  • Theme (4/5) – The Experian Credit Tracker application has added some eye-pleasing Material Design elements throughout itself, it could be improved with some more subtle animations, but mostly, it looks beautiful. The charts and graphs also make it look even better as they include the same theme that the whole app is trying to include. Experian Credit Tracker looks clean and most importantly, it gives a professional feeling.
  • Speed (4/5) – During testing of the Experian Credit Tracker app, virtually no lag was experienced, except during the sign-in process, where the app has to establish a secure connection to Experian's services. Apart from those first seconds, the application feels snappy and fast.
  • Overall (4/5) – Experian Credit Tracker is a great application for everyone that is aiming to both keep track of, or improve their FICO Score, it is one of the most well-done apps of its kind out in the market. It implements some great features that don't feel forced at all, it has just the necessary. FICO Score tracking is the main feature and every other function orbits around it, which is not a bad thing at all; The main reason for using the app is this main function, which is extremely helpful.


  • FICO Score Tracking.
  • Responsive app, with minimal to no lag.
  • It looks clean and is professionally done.
  • Information is not hard to find and is thoroughly detailed.
  • Great tutorials and videos.


  • No support for the Nexus 9 Tablet.
  • Sometimes it hangs during the first load.
  • Has a steep learning curve (But tutorials are there to help).

The finance-based application, Experian Credit Tracker, will be a must-download for most users that have the need to keep track of their FICO Score, it offers some great features to predict future scores and improve any financial issues the user might be having. Generally speaking, Experian Credit Tracker is one of the best FICO Score tracker and analyzer. If you're planning on broadening your credit or planning on getting a mortgage, this app is just right for you as the FICO Score is taken into consideration in more than 90% of credit decisions. Experian Credit Tracker is free to download from the Play Store, but will cost $1 to start a 7-day trial; After that, a monthly membership will cost you $21.95 per month.