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All-In-One Toolbox is an Android app that aims to keep your Android smartphone or tablet clean and tidy. It offers the ability to manipulate apps and games on your device, clean running apps, clean up no longer need cache files and more from your Android device all in one app. More than just your typical junk cleaner or speed booster, All-In-One Toolbox has many plugins available for free from the Play Store, and you can make All-In-One Toolbox into the one app you need to keep your device running smoothly and free up space on your internal storage as well microSD card. Read on to see what All-In-One Toolbox has to offer you.

First thing's first, you'll need to download All-In-One Toolbox from the Play Store, the first time you'll run the app, you'll be given a look at how much space and RAM on your device is being used up.


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One of the most common aspect of apps like All-In-One Toolbox is the task killer. This is done by hitting the "Boost" button, and thankfully it's not a process that just does whatever it likes, you do have some sort of control over which apps are killed.

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This makes it nice and easy to make sure that you don't kill off any running apps that you might need to keep open. I would have liked apps like Android Wear and such to be exempt from lists like these, as killing running tasks isn't the best way to speed up your device – these apps will just reopen in the background. At the end of each process which cleans your device, you'll be given an update on how much data has been cleaned.

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The Toolbox portion of the app is something that intrigues me more than anything, as there's a long list of things the app can do to help keep your device running nice and smoothly.


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As you can see, there are lots of features available with All-In-One Toolbox, and the batch uninstall option is one of the best in my opinion. Killing apps and clearing the cache on your device is one thing, but uninstalling apps you no longer use is the best course of action and with All-In-One Toolbox, everything is made that much easier.

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You can even download more plugins from the Play Store, too!

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There's also a way to clean up and regain some of the storage on your Android device, by removing unwanted and no longer needed data.


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All-In-One Toolbox claims to have everything you need to keep on top of your device, and there are a couple of highlights that show that it does. Like for instance this system apps entry.

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There's also a file manager built right into the app, too.

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All-In-One Toolbox lives up to its name, and offers a wide range of services and tools in just one app that you need to download just once onto your device. The ability to quickly clean your RAM and speed up your phone will appeal to the majority of users, but for those a little more savvy the ability to uninstall more than one app at a time, the system apps option and the file manager will allow for more advanced features all from the same app. I'm still a skeptic of the whole "task killer" thing, these apps are only just going to reopen in the background, but other tools like the ability to prevent which apps start when you turn your phone on and the batch uninstall option means that All-In-One Toolbox genuinely works and can definitely be a big help.



  • Speed (4/5) – While the idea of speeding up your device will depend on what you have installed and how modern a device it is, All-In-One Toolbox itself is a quick app and nothing ever takes more than a few moments.
  • Features (5/5) – Packed with all sorts of neat features that users both advanced and casual will enjoy, All-In-One Toolbox has it all in one single download.
  • Theme (4/5) – The overall user interface here works well and is easy to follow with this all-In-one tool app.
  • Overall (4/5) – A great selection of tools and services all rolled into one, All-In-One Toolbox does everything you could want or need, I just wish the scanning of running apps was a little smarter.


  • Offers lots of features in one free download.
  • Can clean up storage, running apps and more all with just a few taps.
  • Batch uninstall feature will solve the root cause of many issues and speeds the process up.
  • Lots of other plugins available to download from the Play Store for free.


  • Suggested apps are basically another form of ads.
  • Killing all running apps is just a temporary fix, and apps like Android Wear or fitness tracker apps should be excluded.

Overall, All-In-One Toolbox definitely lives up to its name. It has a lot of the features that both casual and advanced Android users are looking for, and no matter what sort of Android device you have, it can go a long way to making your experience on Android much more enjoyable.


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