Sony Xperia Z3+ Video Touts The 20.7MP and 5MP Cameras

May 29, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

Sony’s Xperia Z series smartphones are known for their build quality, battery life and terrific cameras.  Sony’s biggest problem over the years is putting those smartphones in the hands of the US carriers and consumers.  Another problem is by the time they do arrive in the US they are either exclusive to one carrier and/or their specifications are no longer competitive with the latest devices from Samsung or LG.  It is a cycle that never seems to end – even their latest offering, the Xperia Z4, or should say, Xperia Z3+ is not without controversy.  It is called the Z4 in Japan, but for the rest of the world it will be called the Z3+.

One thing rings true for Xperia Z models is the quality of its cameras, both the main shooter and the front-facing camera (FFC).  Sony’s latest advertisement, shown below in the video, touts the excellence of its 20.7MP rear camera and its 5MP FFC.  The cameras are pretty much a carryover of the Xperia Z3’s cameras – nothing really new or radical outside the much larger FFC, as it jumped from only 2MP to 5MP.  The main camera on the Xperia Z3+ incorporates a 25mm wide-angle G Lens, which is wider than the Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4 or the HTC One M9 that all use a smaller 28mm lens, while the iPhone uses even a smaller lens at 29mm.  The 5MP FFC also has the 25mm wide-angle lens as well, which will allow for a better group selfie or a family video chat as you will be able to fit more faces in the picture.

Sony is using this latest ad to let us know that the Xperia Z3+ will be able to “capture the moments that matter most in stunning quality.”  They claim that it has a superior Auto setting that will work in most situations, but it also has special settings as well – Soft Snap, Infant, Night Scenes, Night Portrait, Backlight Pictures, Low Light, Spotlight, Landscape, Document, Macro and Food.  The 5MP FFC incorporates Steadyshot and a wide range of camera apps to add a little flair to your selfies.  Sony is even giving away an Xperia Z3+ on Facebook to help add to the excitement.