Sega Announce They Are Removing A Number Of Games From The Play Store

May 8, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Normally, reports about apps on the Play Store coming through, would be detailing the arrival of an app or game. Or at the very least, a new update that the app or game has now received. However, the news coming down the wire today is not quite like that. In fact, it is much more the opposite with an announcement coming through about the removal of a game from the Play Store. In fact, the news which comes from Sega is that they are planning on removing a number of games from the Play Store.

To be clear, Sega are not detailing which games are going to be removed and as such there is no information on specific titles. Not to mention that Sega are also not providing any specific information on exact dates as to when the games will begin to be removed, although the announcement does state that the process will begin in the “next few weeks”. In fact, beyond the announcement of the removal of certain games, the announcement from Sega does not reveal that much.

In terms of what the announcement does state, Sega say the reason they have decided to remove a number of games from the Play Store, is due to the company wanting to offer the best experience possible to their customers. The announcement goes on to state that they have recently evaluated their full list of titles and decided that a number of the games currently on offer no longer meets their standard. As a result, Sega announced these titles will be removed from the Play Store as well as the Samsung Store and the Amazon Appstore. Interestingly, Sega do not rule out a permanent removal of the games, as the announcement does also state that “given the right situation” the games could possible return to the various app stores, in an “updated form”. For those customers who have purchased Sega games from any of the app stores mentioned in the past, Sega do note that the purchased games will remain in the user’s purchased section of the app store and will be able to be re-downloaded if deleted off a device or a new device is purchased. For those interested, you can read the Sega announcement in full by clicking the source link below.