Scratch Wireless Offers Free Cell Phone Service

Scratch Wireless is the world's first free mobile service for text, data and voice.  Scratch Wireless has collaborated with network operators and smartphone manufacturers to offer a full-featured Android smartphone and a "Wi-Fi First" approach to change the way people think about mobile service.  We normally purchase a smartphone and sign a contract to have access to a carrier's network and data in order to operate our smartphone... we usually have a signal to make our phone calls, send/receive text or to surf the web using part of our data each time we access the web or download something.  Some analysts do not believe that the Wi-Fi First networks will survive, but Scratch Wireless believes in their direction.

With a Wi-Fi First mentality, your smartphone looks to the Wi-Fi as its primary means communicate and uses the cellular networks to only fill in the 'gaps' when you are out of range of any Wi-Fi networks.  Most people do not realize that Wi-Fi is everywhere and recent studies show that nine out of ten people spend at least nineteen hours a day within range of a Wi-Fi signal.  This penetration is growing every year and it is expected that by 2015 Wi-Fi network access points will reach 5.8 million - up from only 1.3 million in 2011.  Your Scratch Wireless smartphone will connect first to Wi-Fi whenever it is available for voice, messaging and data services... it will only access mobile networks when Wi-Fi is not available.

Alan Berrey, Scratch Wireless CEO and co-founder said, "By leveraging a Wi-Fi First approach to mobile communications, Scratch Wireless frees consumers of cell phone contracts and high-priced monthly bills, allowing them to take advantage of Wi-Fi connections already available in homes, offices, schools and countless public places.  We know our customers appreciate value and we're excited to offer this high-quality device at such a low price point, providing an unprecedented smartphone experience on the world's only truly free mobile service."

Scratch Wireless also realizes that some customers want that security blanket of having access to a 'real' network, so they have teamed up with data services over the nationwide Sprint 3G network.  Remember, even without access to a Wi-Fi signal, you will always have free texting and if you need cellular voice, you can purchase a 'cellular pass' right from your Coolpad Arise smartphone. The passes will cost you $1.99 for unlimited voice or 50 MBs of data for a 24 hour period.  $6.99 for 30 days of 100 minutes of talk or 500 MBs of data and finally, $14.99 will give you unlimited voice for thirty days or $24.99 will give you 30 days and 1GB of data.

The smartphone that Scratch Wireless will offer you is a Coolpad Arise for only $99.00.  Coolpad is not as well-known as Samsung, HTC, LG and others, but Coolpad is China's third largest smartphone manufacturer.  The Arise sports a 4-inch display, a dual-core processor, 4GB of internal memory, a 2MP main camera and 1600mAh battery.  It comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and access to the entire Google Play Store.  It supports Sprint's 3G network - no 4G LTE found here, but the device is a Wi-Fi First device and will offer seamless call handoff.

Scratch Wireless with Wi-Fi First is like the new Un-Carrier - offering free text, talk and data as long as the user is on Wi-Fi.  Texting is always free whether on Wi-Fi or the cellular network.  Scratch is transforming the industry by taking the cost and complexity out of the usual mobile contracts.  Check them out and see what you think.

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