Samsung’s Expands In Silicon Valley With New Headquarters

May 20, 2015 - Written By Ricardo Trevizo

Samsung is looking to further expand its presence in Silicon Valley; the South Korean-based company is building a new headquarters facility of 1.1 million square feet inside San Jose, California. The new edifice is almost complete, and from what Samsung itself has stated, the soon to be inaugurated premises will have numerous architectural innovations, including a “fitness center in the sky” and a clean room specially designed for semiconductors. The main goal of Samsung’s latest expansion, is the development and research of new advances in semiconductor technology, as well as various marketing and sales areas. Samsung has several buildings spread across North America, but the upcoming San Jose headquarters will be one of the company’s largest and more prominent buildings.

Samsung is one of the biggest companies with headquarters located in the Silicon Valley area. With a brand new ten-story building in San Jose, California; all of the company’s competitors and partners will be reminded that Samsung not only focuses on expanding inside South Korea (Samsung’s country of origin), but is also looking to increase its power and notoriety in other countries; namely the United States. Samsung is a company always looking for new ways to innovate, and apparently that not only applies for their smartphones and other gadgets; as the company’s new headquarters will feature several architectural breakthroughs like carefully balanced white metal and glass to reduce solar heat, a fitness center in the sky and an overall park-like setting.

Samsung spared no expense with its new San Jose Headquarters; NBBJ is the architecture firm leading the construction of the new facility, stated that the whole project’s development price was of $300 million, and that Samsung plans open the doors of the new building in mid-2015. The current completion status of the headquarters is at 85%, with only minor tasks needed to be finished, like landscaping and interior decoration. Samsung was a bit secretive about how many employees will the new headquarters will be able to hold, but being a ten-story, 1.1 million square feet facility, a few hundred employees should be easily accommodated. The state of California gave Samsung authorization to build their new headquarters back in 2013, and it was fortunate; as recently, several other tech companies have had a hard time with their expansion plans because of changes in the designated housing areas around the state.