Samsung Registers The Name Artik For A Cloud Based Platform

Samsung Logo AH8

It’s no secret that Samsung makes a lot of devices, they have been very successful with their home entertainment equipment such as TV’s, Home Theaters and audio systems. Recently most people will recognize them for their mobile device lineup including smartphones as successful as the Galaxy S6 and tablets with top of the line specs like their Galaxy Tab S series, also they have been expanding their wearable lineup with devices like the Gear S with features like network connection and a curved screen. While they also make some home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines they probably won’t stop there and they will start making more devices for the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) which consist in almost every object to have a connection and communicate with other devices.

To make possible all the connections between every device from the company, Samsung is apparently creating a cloud-based service called “Artik”. That name can be seen in a trademark filed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the documents point out that the name will be used in a cloud computing system to connect, manage and operate devices in addition to M2M communication. While there is a possibility that the service is targeted to businesses, chances are that it will be used by consumers as the company is supposed to be in negotiations with Microsoft and Oracle to make their data centers larger.

With this platform, Samsung is supposed to introduce new software for storing and analyzing the data gathered by all of the IoT devices, from smart electronics to cars and mobile devices, making it possible for a very large amount of devices to be connected at the same time. Samsung’s own operating system, Tizen, is supposed to be an integral part of this plan as it will create a unified platform for all of these devices because it requires fewer resources and processing power than other operating systems. But whether they use this or any other OS, they now seem to have a platform in the cloud to process the information necessary to make the communication between them possible, still, there’s no word on when will the service launch.