Samsung Flow Beta App Becomes Official On The Play Store

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Samsung have been riding high in recent weeks thanks to what seems to be a successful launch of their twin S6 devices, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. However, the two S6 devices aside, Samsung has been working on a number of other new features in the last few months. One of those, which was announced back in November was what Samsung was calling Samsung Flow. Anyone, familiar with Apple products might also be familiar with their Continuity feature and, in short, this was something that Samsung looked to be trying to emulate on their device range.

For those who missed the original announcement (or who are unfamiliar with Continuity), Samsung Flow’s mission is to try and offer users a more across device usable experience. In short, allow users to continue doing something on a device, different to the device the user may have started with. In fact, Flow attempts to be somewhat more intelligent by adapting the content to be more compatible and suitable for the device that it is currently being used. Not to mention, Flow also comes with some additional features like Defer, which essentially allows you to pause or defer what they are doing until a later time. Another interesting example of what Flow is expected to be able to do is show the battery life of all of your ‘connected’ devices, on the device that you are currently using. For example, offering the ability to know that your smartphone battery is running low by looking at your smartwatch. That is the idea, anyway.

Well, for those who liked the idea of Flow when it was first unveiled, it now seems that the official app for the service has been uploaded to the Play Store. That said, this does seem to be a beta status app and in spite of the idea of cross-device compatibility, the selection of devices which the app currently works with, is rather limited. Those listed as currently compatible include the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Tab S. Although, it is expected to become compatible with more devices in the future. Those interested can find out more by heading over to the Play Store listing by clicking the source link below.