Samsung Awarded Patents For New Purse Case And Gear Fit


Although the next couple of days at Google's I/O event will help define and to explain the future of android on a macro scale, the rest of the news is still coming through helping to explain the more micro changes users can expect within android over the near future. In particular, there have been quite a few new Samsung reports emerging of late showcasing various patents the company looks to be pushing through. Although, these do not provide detailed information on what to expect from Samsung in the future, they do at least provide some food for thought about what Samsung are thinking at the very least.

For instance, it was only a yesterday when a new and strange looking device seemed to be patented by Samsung. This looked to be a new type of phablet or laptop or phablet/laptop hybrid device from the company. Following on from this and this morning saw the news that patents for the Gear VR might provide some details on what could be expected from future evolutions of the virtual reality device. Well, it now seems the Gear VR news was not the only patent news coming from Samsung today. The company have now been noted securing a patent for a new smartphone case. Again, the details of the patent are limited with no clear indication of materials or what the case will be made of. However, from the image below you can at least see what Samsung is thinking with the design of this case. It seems the case looks to be a type of purse style case. According to the image, the case comes with some sort of chained carry handle or lanyard. Not to mention the case will adopt some familiar Samsung traits including a wallet design with the ability to store credit cards and the likes. In short, emulating some sort of shoulder based carry case or purse.


While on the topic of patents, it also seems today that Samsung received approval for a Samsung Gear Fit patent too. Although the Gear Fit was released some time ago, it seems the design aspect took longer to be patently approved. Either way though, the approval has now come through along with this new purse-like case.

patent samsung case

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