Rumored Upcoming LG Nexus Actually Codenamed Bullhead

AH Nexus Chris 15 LOGO

The Nexus devices are always an exciting topic for the year as they usually showcase the newest stuff coming to the Android operating system. They act as conduits for the latest version of the mobile OS which means they’re guaranteed to get the latest updates, and usually before other devices. Taking this into consideration, even when details about upcoming Nexus phones are still just rumors they tend to grab much attention from enthusiasts. Just yesterday a rumor surfaced which talked about a couple of leaked codenames for upcoming Nexus devices, one being made by LG codenamed Angler, and one being manufactured by Huawei codenamed bullhead.

As it turns out, it seems that the LG device is actually codenamed bullhead as discovered in a comment in AOSP which suggests this is the case. (This means the Huawei device would be codenamed Angler) This is still no confirmation that an LG made Nexus is coming this year, but it’s slightly more detail than what was available just yesterday which is a small indicator that could point to the rumor being true. The AOSP comments make no mention of the coming Huawei Nexus device, so this still remains more of a rumor than LG for now, but as it stands the rumor suggests that both Huawei (Angler) and LG (bullhead) will be manufacturing Nexus smartphones for 2015 and that Google will leave out a tablet replacement for the Nexus 9.

These new Nexus devices are likely to be sporting the final versions of Android M which is expected to be discussed at the upcoming Google I/O developer conference beginning this Thursday. Should discussions of Android M take place at the event, there is a small chance they could be mentioned in pairing with mentions of both upcoming Nexus devices, although it’s also still possible we may hear nothing about new Nexus smartphones until later on in the year closer to their launch which is expected to be around October. Both manufacturers have been rumored to be the OEM behind this year’s Nexus, so it will be interesting to see if Google opens up the floor to more than one partner this year for multiple smartphone offerings.