Rumor: Two Google-Branded 2-In-1 Chromebooks Coming In 2015

AH Toshiba ChromeBook 2 1

Over the course of today and tomorrow, there will be a number of announcements coming from Google during their annual Google I/O event. While most of the headlines will revolve around the big Android elements like Android Auto, Android Wear, Android TV and Android M, a number of people will be waiting specifically to hear if there is any further news or updates on Chromebooks and what to expect from the platform going forward. This is largely thanks to what seems to be a continued rise in popularity surrounding Chromebooks. Of course, this is not surprisingly when you factor that Chromebooks offer a decent level of specs and performance all for what is essentially a knock-down price.

Well, for those hoping to hear some Chromebook news today, it seems some interesting rumors are already starting to circulate. According to Digitimes (source link below), the Chromebook market will see at least six 2-in-1 style Chromebooks landing before the year is out. As such, not only will the Chromebook market see an influx of new additions but so will the subsection of the market that is 2-in-1 devices. In terms of who will be bringing the devices to the market, the report states that offerings from HP and Acer will both be landing. Although, where the rumor really starts to come to life is that the report also states that as well as HP and Acer, two of the six 2015 models will come from Google, as Google-branded products.

In terms of these Google offerings, very little details are provided in the report, although the information does state that one of them will be aimed at the high-end of the market, while the other as a more entry-level positioned product. In particular, the high-end version will come sporting a 12.85-inch display and make use of a Nvidia Tegra 6 processor. In contrast, the lower-end device will reportedly come with a 10.2-inch display and powered using a Rockchip processor. Of course, this is still very much a rumor with nothing confirmed by anyone as yet. However, with the reported launch date of the devices being the third quarter of this year, it is likely that if Google are bringing some own-branded device to the market, more information might become available later on today.