Rumor: Sony To Release A Handset With 'Super-Narrow' Bezels

Sony Lavender leak 1

Sony Mobile isn’t doing all that well as far as smartphone sales go, despite the rather positive feedback when it comes to their Xperia devices. We’ve talked about Sony’s strategy a number of times thus far, and it remains to be seen if Sony will manage to turn things around. Anyhow, the company has recently unveiled a couple of devices, including their new Xperia Z4 flagship. Sony’s announcement was rather strange though, they announced this handset in Japan without the proper marketing procedure before it, more or less nobody knew that the announcement will take place at all. It seems like Sony will re-announce it in a month or two for the global market, but that move is still very strange. The company has also announced the Xperia C4 selfie phone lately, a device which sport a front-facing LED flash. It seems like Sony is preparing to launch yet another smartphone though, read on.

Well, it’s on the way according to @upleaks, at the very least. The leaker has shared some info regarding ‘Sony Lavender’ via his Twitter handle, the company’s upcoming handset. The leaker didn’t exactly share all that much information, but he did say that the phone will sport a ‘super-narrow’ bezel and a front-facing LED flash, just like the Xperia C4 Sony has announced quite recently. The front side of the device will allegedly resemble the recently announced Letv smartphones, and on the back it will look similar to the HTC One E9+ handset.

The leaker has also shared an image of the device which you can check above this article. This is not the finished product, obviously, but it does showcase how thing those bezels will be, and you can also see the front-facing camera and an LED flash on there. All in all, it seems like this will be some sort of an Xperia C4 variant, we’ll see. We can also expect it to sport a rather large 8 or 13-megapixel front-facing camera sensor, though we’re only guessing, of course. There you have it, we’ll report back as soon as additional info pops up somewhere, stay tuned for that.