Rumor: OnePlus June 1st Announcement Is For One Price Cut

May 28, 2015 - Written By John Anon

While most of the news doing the rounds today is Google based, there has been a number of OnePlus announcements also coming through. This morning has already seen OnePlus release Hydrogen OS as well as announce that they are planning to try to take back their hashtag ‘Never Settle’ from Verizon. However, the biggest news coming from OnePlus recently was the announcement which came through a few days ago suggesting something the company were planning to announce on June 1st. The announcement came via a tweet sent out by OnePlus and came with some interesting statements. Most notably, that it was “Time to Change” and time to “shake up” the industry.

These sentiments immediately led to the speciation that OnePlus was gearing up and planning to unveil their follow up One device, the OnePlus 2. In fact, following the announcement, the unveiling of the OnePlus 2 was pretty much the widespread belief of what was going to be happening come June 1st. Well, it now seems that the OnePlus 2 is possibly not what is happening come the start of next month. Fone Arena (source link below) state that they have received information that the June 1st announcement is to confirm that the OnePlus One is receiving a worldwide cut in its price. If the information is true, then it seems that starting from June 1st, the One will be available for $249 for the smaller, 16GB version while the larger 64GB version will set you back $299. This effectively will be a price drop of $50 on each device, from their current $299 and $349 respective prices.

Interestingly, the price drop is said to be relevant to all markets except India, where the price will remain as it is currently set. If this information is correct and the June 1st announcement is just to confirm a worldwide price cut, this will be seen as a slight anticlimax due to the rumored OnePlus 2 launch. As such, those waiting on the OnePlus 2 will have to wait a little longer and especially as all previous information is consistently suggesting a Q3 arrival of their long awaited sequel device. Either way, with June 1st fast approaching it will not be too long before all is know.