RUMOR: Huawei And LG Nexus Codenames Leak Out

AH Nexus 9 white logo 3 Chris 55

Google’s Nexus program for smartphones has always been a way for them to showcase the way Google wants Android to look, with a completely stock system UI, a lower price when compared to OEM flagship devices and usually slightly lesser specifications. Last year with the Nexus 6 Google did things just a little bit differently when they introduced the Motorola’s first Nexus entry, which came at a premium price with a little more premium hardware. While still lacking a little bit behind top tier flagship devices in certain areas, the Nexus 6 by all accounts has been one of Google’s best offerings, even though some users have been skeptical on the massive screen size. Some users had wished Google would have brought back a 2014 version of the Nexus 5, but Google has always only released one new Nexus smartphone a year.

For 2015 it appears that Google may be changing things up and launching two Nexus devices this year. The rumors surrounding this year’s release has been that both LG and Huawei could be a potential candidate to manufacture the Nexus phone for 2015, and some speculation followed that both devices may end up available alongside each other with the first mention of this rumor surfacing around the second week of this month. The latest surrounding the Nexus 2015 device launch is that both Huawei and LG will be releasing a Nexus smartphone, marking the first time Google would be launching two Nexus phones in one year. The tradeoff though, could be that Google has opted to launch a second Nexus smartphone this year instead of another tablet to replace the Nexus 9 according to Android Police, as it’s stated no details have surfaced about a new Nexus tablet.

Complete details are still a little scarce on each new potential device, but there are some possible specifications which come along with the rumor that both OEMs will be producing a Nexus device this year. According to the rumor, the Huawei Nexus phone is listed as codename Bullhead, and will come packing a 5.7-inch display with the possibility of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor powering the device, and a 3500mAh battery to keep it running. In regards to the LG made Nexus phone, it’s listed as codename Angler and is said to be coming with a 5.2-inch display and a more modest battery sitting around 2700mAh. The rumor states that LG is looking at the Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor for this device, which shouldn’t surprise anyone if this turns out to be the case since this is what they already use in their flagship LG G4. For now this is all the detail that seems to be available about either device, and as with all rumors nothing is certain until official confirmations are made public, so the specifications nor the notion that both Huawei and LG are making the Nexus phones for 2015 are exact.