Rumor: Google To Unveil New Photo Service At I/O

AH GOOGLE IO 2014 144

For months now, the rumor mill has been going well beyond overdrive when it comes to Google and photos. In fact, the rumors surrounding a possible new photo service that Google might be planning to unveil, have been so prominent that they have stretched over and started to effect and generate rumors on other Google services. Google+ and its subsequent death, abandoning and reinvention being a prime example. This particular, end of Google+ and start of new Google photo service seemed to gain some additional momentum back towards the end of March, when it was reported that Google+ photos could now be accessed via Drive. This was thought by many, to be (one of) the first steps in Google starting to remove the Photo emphasis from Google+.

The idea of Google launching a new photo service was also further pushed forward when the company back in February of this year picked up the photo sharing and backup app company, Odysee. This particular purchase, further seemed to suggest that Google’s emphasis and attention on a standalone photo service might be being realized sooner than later. Couple that with the already mentioned news of Google+ Photos now compatible with Drive and the momentum of the rumors was massive.

Well, the rumors have today gone into full blown speculation as a new report from Bloomberg (source link below) states that Google are indeed planning on launching a new photo sharing and storage service. One which will be distanced from Google+. In fact, the report even goes on to state that not only are Google planning on unveiling this new service, but they will be unveiling it next week at their yearly Google I/O event. The information comes to Bloomberg from “people familiar with the plans” and, therefore, is likely to hold some weight and especially this close to the event taking place. Details on the actual functionality of the new service were limited although the ‘people familiar with the plans’ did confirm that the service will allow users to post images to Facebook and Twitter. Either way, with I/O just over a week away, it will not be longer until all is revealed.