Rumor: AT&T to Launch New Next Program on May 28th


It wasn't too long ago when you had to exercise patience in a wireless plan.  Two years was the only option you could take when upgrading a smartphone, and you accepted it.  Due to industry demands, wireless carriers have had to adjust their strategies on upgrading customers to keep them interested.  AT&T was one of the first companies falling into line after close competitor T-Mobile launched its original campaign of ridding contracts and moving to a lease based system.  While AT&T still offers a 2-year contract, and the phone at a subsidized price, the days of contracts seem numbered.

Currently, the carrier affectionately nicknamed the "Death Star", offers 3 competitive device leasing alternatives.  These include: AT&T Next 12, AT&T Next 18, and AT&T Next 24.  The big difference between the 3 choices is the monthly fee associated with the device.  All selections require a $0 down payment (a customer must pass a qualifying credit check to participate), but the longer the program, the lower the monthly payment.  If you are a person that likes to upgrade more frequently, the Next 12 option might be more your speed despite the higher monthly premiums.  As mentioned previously, a qualifying credit check is necessary to enroll in one of these programs.  AT&T is rumored to open up a 4th option to those who would not normally qualify for the plan.  This new solution will be deemed "AT&T Next 12 With Down Payment."


Likely launching on May 28th, the premise of this installment works eerily similar to the $0 down versions of the credit qualifying variations of the Next plans, but requires a 30% deposit on the device at time of sale.  The remaining portion of the phone will be split into equal payments over 28 months without being tied to a contract.  The upgrade eligibility still remains intact (after 12 months), and provides new opportunities to customers previously not qualified for the standard Next programs.

Other authorized resellers of AT&T are supposedly eligible to begin enrolling customers in this plan as well.  Online retailers like have the possibility of going live as early as 5/21, but bigger corporate stores like Apple may not do a program rollout till this summer.

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