Rumor: Android M Features May Shape New Nexus Design


Android purists drool at thought of the newest Nexus.  Despite all factual evidence pointing towards no new devices being unveiled today at I/O, every Android user wanted to see it anyway.  In spite of the disappointment, a recent rumor round up over the last few days has painted a clearer picture of how the new Nexus lineup will look.

Rumors twirled about this week showcasing some powerhouse manufacturers possibly producing not 1, but 2 new Nexus handsets this fall.  LG, speculated to produce a smaller 5.2" handset (codenamed Angler), and Huawei, the up and coming Chinese producer sporting a phablet sized 5.7" panel (codenamed bullhead).  Surprisingly, there has been no mention of anticipated specifications in regards to the new devices.  We can assume the latest and greatest, and at the very least industry-current components, topped with the newest version of Android M.  While Google has not provided any factual evidence yet, several key factors support some truth to the dual handset Nexus model.  Assumption has been made regarding no tablet refresh this year.  Theoretically, the Nexus 9 could logically sustain itself for another year considering its 64-bit chipset hasn't taken full advantage of the software yet.  Plus, the suggested manufacturers of LG and Huawei do extremely well in other markets (Pakistan, India, & China).  Perhaps Google is looking to diversify the Nexus line and generate more interest overseas.  All of this is mere guesswork, but several new features in Android M make things a little more interesting.


2 key components from today's conference lay some additional groundwork for how our newest Nexus device(s) might take shape.  Google is stressing the importance of fingerprint scanning technology and USB-C charging ports.  Yes, fingerprint scanning does exist on some current Android handsets, but the existing ones are only on modified versions of Android (IE TouchWiz on the Galaxy S5 & S6).  The search giant is hoping its new revised payment platform "Android Pay" will play a significant role in device pay systems.  Additionally, the new feature will add layers of security and different in-app experiences.

Google has kindly stuck with micro-USB (and our wallets thank you) charging cables for the last several years.  While charging technology has thankfully developed, it's still relatively the same.   The unveiled USB-C charger opens up unexplored territory for smartphone makers.  This is something Google has started to implement on its current Chromebook line, but no Android devices have one equipped yet.  The benefits include faster data transfer speeds, quicker charge times, and the convenience of not worrying which way the plug goes!  Realistically, if these are big players in Android M, one would assume they would be applied on the newest Nexus device(s).

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