Rogers’ Chatr Mobile Expands to Over 200 Canadian Cities

May 6, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

Chatr is a Canadian wireless provider that targets entry-level customers and is the third network owned by Rogers Communications – Rogers Wireless, Fido Solution and Chatr and the last one to update plans.  Chatr was previously only in seven Canadian markets – Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Southwest Ontario, Toronto and Vancouver – but today announced that they would be expanding nationwide in 200 new cities.  Chatr offers prepaid mobile plans with no contract and no credit check and Chatr customers have over 1,100 local stores and retailers to access their service – Walmart, Best Buy, Wireless Wave, Tbooth Wireless, WOW! Mobile boutique, Wireless etc. and more.

Chatr has new monthly plans that start at $25 per month and up that now include international calling starting at only one cent per minute to more than 200 countries, so no need for those annoying calling cards.  Chatr really makes it easy, even on a budget plan to keep in touch with friends and family that may be living in faraway places as more and more people are traveling or relocating.  Besides deals on long distance calling, the new data buckets can be added to existing plans so you can enjoy surfing the internet, downloading or streaming videos and movies.  Customers on the $35 and $40 a month prepaid plans can add 500MB for $10 – for $15 you can add 1GB and for $25 you can add 2GB of data.

Chatr has four main plans that will cost you a monthly fee of $20, $25, $35 or $40 (please see the chart below).  The $20 plan gives you unlimited local talk, then charge you $.20 per minute for Provincial and Canada-wide talk, free incoming text messages, but $.20 per outgoing message and $.25 per minute for Voicemail Retrievals – better to pass on this plan unless you make only local calls.  The $25 plan adds unlimited Province-wide, the International Talk Saver and 100 free outgoing messages.  The $35 plan really is the way to go if you can swing it, but if you have to do international texting, then the $40 plan is the most economical – remember, you can only add the data packages to the $35 and $40 plans.

Chatr does warn you that on August 12 the talk and message rates will be going up from $.20 per minute/message to $.25 per minute/message on their plans, although the $25 a month plan does include 100 text messages in the price before you start getting hit with the $.25 per message.  After you exceed on the add-on data plans, the additional cost goes down from $.10/MB to $.05/MB, so you would save a little there if you tend to go over your plan amount.

Chatr Mobile Plans