Reddit Q And A Continues With Project Fi Product Manager

If you've been keeping up on Project Fi, Google's new wireless service with no contract and pay by the GB data plans, you might already be familiar with most of the ins and outs of the service in regards to what it offers and what the service is compatible with. As a quick recap, you have a $20 base price for the plans which includes unlimited voice and text, and then you pay $10 per GB for the data you need on top of the base. Should you buy too much one month you get a refund for any unused data. Since it's a month to month plan, you can basically use it freely as you choose whether it's a consistent collection of months or you can skip a month if you need to.

Project Fi is pretty simple, but there have still been many questions following its announcement weeks back. Over the past few days there have plenty of questions regarding Project Fi's compatibility with Google Voice, and most of it seems to have been cleared up, but bits and pieces of new information still seem to be trickling out either about Google Voice or Project Fi. Simon Arscott who is the product manager for Project Fi took to Reddit yesterday to answer some questions following a post from a user who had been invited to sign up, touching base on Google Voice compatibility and stating that Google Voice could be reactivated should users choose to stop using Fi, assuming the Google Voice number was ported over to the service to begin with.

One piece of information that some users may not have been privy to prior to today, is that Project Fi only supports the Nexus 6 with the USA SKU, so basically it only supports the U.S. Nexus 6 models. That is likely something most users probably already suspected, but it does well to hear it confirmed from someone officially working with the service. In regards to invites, it seems that the team is getting tons of requests so they're sending out invites in batches every couple of days which Arscott mentions is helping them continue to provide users with 24/7 support. In relation to this Arscott states that they are also now ready for service in Chicago and all other Illinois zip codes where they have service coverage, and are beginning to roll out invites there too amongst the batches. If you're curious to see the entire thread of questions and comments, the original thread still appears to be going with more questions and answers coming in, although most of the content seems to have been addressed at this point.

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