PSA: LG G4 Does Indeed Work with Android Auto

Android Auto LG G4 Ah 1

Earlier this year, many of the newer flagships weren’t working with Android Auto properly. Although a recent Google Play Services seemed to have fixed that problem with the Galaxy S6, and we just tried it out with the LG G4 and it works flawlessly with Android Auto. Just takes a bit to set up, which we’ll be covering in another post, and boom Android Auto is fully functioning on your LG G4.

As most of you know, Android Auto is basically completely running on your phone, as the head unit isn’t really doing much of anything. The best analogy I’ve seen for it is compared to your laptop and plugging it into a monitor. The laptop is still doing all the work, the Monitor is just showing you the content. That’s the same thing that the Android Auto head units are doing here. So if a device doesn’t work with Android Auto, it’ll most likely be due to the device (sometimes the Google Play Services app, but not always).

For those that are wondering, we paired the LG G4 with the Pioneer AVH-4100NEX model – their cheapest model for Android Auto compatibility. The other two – more expensive models – offer the same experience for Android Auto. The major differences is that they offer GPS through Pioneer’s software, if you don’t want to use Android Auto all the time. So there’s that. You can actually pick up the AVH-4100NEX right now from Amazon for about $545, which is a pretty awesome price considering it’s normally around $800.

The LG G4, we’re still diving into all of its features and such while working on our full review, has given us some pretty good impressions so far. We’ve had it less than a week, but still are loving it. It’s definitely a good upgrade from the LG G3. It’s important to remember that the software we have here on the LG G4 is early software. So there are likely some bugs – not to mention this is one of the Korean variants that we have our hands on. So there’s no LTE connectivity for us on T-Mobile with this model.