Oppo Announces Some Of The Changes In Color OS 2.1.0i

May 18, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

Android 5.0, known as Lollipop, has been one of the most anticipated updates the operating system has ever received, mainly because it was very different from the older versions representing a visual overhaul with the introduction of the Material Design language, including brighter colors and new animations that seem to expand the surface of the screen. Of course, OEMs are free to modify the interface as much as they need to offer some extra features or reorganize some elements to provide their customers what they believe is the best user experience. Most of them kept pretty much the same experience they offered in the previous version and just took some inspiration from the new language design.

The take on this operating system from one of the most popular Chinese manufacturers, Oppo, is called Color OS, and their version 2.1.0i is based on Lollipop, so we can expect some changes as well, some of them can be seen in a the video embedded in the source link and users of the Find 7 and the Find 7a can expect the beta version of this ROM in the next days. Visually, its elements look flatter and they use brighter colors while taking some inspiration from the transparencies found on iOS, like in the app folders. Personalizing the home screens is better by offering to preview how the wallpaper will look before applying any changes and the option to apply different Themes is also present. The company claims that the new UI is Faster and Smoother, which is demonstrated by comparing the Photos app respect to the former version. It appears to open faster, scrolling through the photos is not only faster but smoother and it really does seem to make a better management of the available resources like RAM and decrease battery consumption.

Very much like Samsung, Oppo has decided to remove some features that aren’t entirely necessary or those that aren’t as popular among users in order to achieve the aforementioned purpose. Some widgets have been removed from the home screen, the lock screen has been simplified and some sounds have been silenced.