OnePlus One Firmware Fix Causing Battery Drain For Some Users

May 18, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Owners of the OnePlus One has some good news a couple of weeks ago and especially for those who had been experiencing the long reported touchscreen issues. The good news came when OnePlus sent out an announcement detailing that they were (once again) acknowledging that some owners were experiencing the touch screen issues. The company stated that they had been working on the problem and due to the nature of the difficulty of isolating the reason behind the touchscreen problems, it was difficult to roll out a fix for those affected. Well, the announcement did also detail that a firmware update was rolling out that would fix the problem and hopefully provide some closure to the ongoing issue. This was, at least for those running CyanogenMod as the fix was set for CM12 and 12.1 nightlies.

Following, the initial announcement of the firmware update rolling out, reports began to emerge from users on the OnePlus forums suggesting that the fix had indeed sorted out the touchscreen issues. Well, it now looks like that in spite of the intention, the praise for the update may have been a little premature and the update might not be as plain sailing for OnePlus One owners as had been originally thought.

According to a new comment on the CyanogenMod code review (source link below), the firmware fix might indeed be fixing the touchscreen issues. However, it also seems to be excessively draining the battery for some users. The new comment does also suggest that the new battery drain issues being noted is only affecting those who have ‘double tap to wake’ enabled on their device. Either way though, it does seem that the fix is causing battery issues for those users. As such the comment is noting that users might be best to hold off from installing the update until a newer fix is rolled out to address the touchscreen issues without affecting the battery life. For those already running the fix and experiencing the issue, then you can keep an eye on the code review comment for any further details as they emerge by clicking on the source link below.