Nintendo Is Taking A Careful Approach At Mobile Gaming


Mobile gaming has always been a very important part since the feature phone era, from the snake that we used to control with buttons on a green lit screen and very few pixels. Along came smartphones and by integrating full-color touchscreens and all kind of sensors, gaming was one of the areas that actually took advantage of the more capable hardware. Now we have multi-core processors and screens that share the same resolution (if not more) than the TV in our living rooms, so graphics in modern mobile games are better than ever. Sony, the maker of the widely popular PlayStation has even introduced their Remote Play function which lets users play their favorite console games in the screen of their smartphone or tablet with the controller they would normally use. Clearly, mobile gaming is here to stay.

Nintendo once made the most popular consoles and has created some of the most memorable game franchises. But now, even by making controllers that seem innovative, the company has been losing ground against the competition. A report suggests that Nintendo is approaching the smartphone market with some games of their own. This doesn't mean that they will stop producing new consoles in the future, actually a gaming machine currently known by its code name NX is in development, but they hope that the mobile games they create for smartphones could interest users into getting a better or more premium experience that their dedicated game systems would offer and could be benefited by a cross-platform membership to get the most of both platforms.


We could see the first Nintendo mobile game as soon as the end of this year, and they plan to release up to five games by the year 2017. It may seem like a small number, but the company's president and CEO Satoru Iwata has made clear that these games won't be ported from titles that belong to dedicated gaming systems, they would be carefully developed to match the play styles offered by smart devices. No titles were mentioned, but we could probably expect to see Mario or Link at some point in one of these games.

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