Nexus 4 Android 5.1.1 OTA Now Available – Download Here


Over the recent weeks and months, Android 5.0 (Lollipop) has been rolling out to many devices. Most of the flagship devices have seen their update rolling in although there is still a few waiting. Motorola DROID Turbo a prime example of one of those which is gaining notoriety for having to wait to see Lollipop arrive. That said, the Nexus range of devices has not been suffering in the same respect. They have been onward marching with their Android Lollipop updates and have already seen incremental updates rolling out. Not to mention, the next major(ish) Lollipop update in the form of Android 5.1.

Well, since then the next incremental update has also been reported on. This one is Android 5.1.1. and there are already reported of the update beginning to land on devices. Yesterday saw the news arriving that multiple Android Wear devices had begun seeing their update land. While the Nexus Player had already seen the update arriving a few days ago. Well, now it looks like the update is arriving for the Nexus range of smartphones. One of those Nexus devices which is getting its update today is the Nexus 4.


Yes, if you own a Nexus 4 then your Android 5.1.1 update is now beginning its rollout. As of yet, the factory image has not gone live on the Android developers site, however, the OTA update is beginning to hit the devices and has already been captured. As such, you can download the update and push it to your device. Of course, you can always just hold on as well and wait for the OTA to begin. Chances are it will hit your device in the next few hours or days. If it has already hit your device, then this is not for you. That said, if you simply cannot and would rather push the update now, then this will take you up from LMY47V to LMY47O. The update comes in at 18.1MB so it is not a very big update. To grab your copy, click the direct download link below, sideload to your device and update manually.

Nexus 4 LMY47O Download

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