Motorola Advise Of MR Update Rolling Out To Certain Devices To Fix Emergency Dialing Issue

Motorola Logo AH 4

The release of a new update for any user’s device is always big news. Everyone loves getting a new update and as a result, benefitting from whatever new features and services are included in the update. In recent times, the update news has very much circulated on devices moving from Android 4.4 (KitKat) to Android 5.x (Lollipop). However, not all updates are received with a warm welcome. For instance, it was reported today that the Nexus 9 is seeing an update landing, which brings the device up to Android 5.0.2. It is largely expected that Nexus 9 owners will probably not look too kindly on this update, as they are more concerned with waiting for Android 5.1 update to land.

Well, if you own a Motorola Droid Turbo, Moto X (1st or 2nd Gen), Moto Pro or Nexus 6, then you should be seeing an update landing for your device soon enough. This is a maintenance release (MR) update and unlike most of the updates being reported rolling out in recent weeks and months, this one is far more of an issue fixing update, than anything. According to a Motorola announcement sent out today (source link below), the above-noted devices are prone to a very specific issue when trying to dial the emergency services. Now, this is a very specific issue and will only affect a minority of users and as such, will not be of concern to the majority of devices owners. However, if your device is encrypted and uses a “PIN to Start” (not PIN unlock for the lockscreen), then there is the chance that your device will not be able to properly call the emergency services.

The Motorola announcement details that the devices mentioned, under certain circumstances, when trying to call the emergency services, does not register as a two-way call. In short, the user can hear the dispatcher, but the dispatcher cannot hear the user. Therefore, the update is rolling out to fix this issue for the small number of devices. As such, Motorola suggests that users install the MR update as soon as it lands. If you are concerned that this might affect your device, in particular, then you can read the full announcement in detail by clicking the source link below.