Meizu MX5 And MX5 Pro Displays Leak, Thin Bezels In Tow

Meizu MX5 and MX5 Pro display leak 1

Meizu is one of the more interesting China-based smartphone OEMs. This company managed to peek people’s interest last year when the introduced a number of really solid smartphones and offered them at really affordable price points. The MX4, MX4 Pro and M1 Note were announced last year, and the M1 followed in January this year. The company is expected to announced the M1 Note’s successor at their event on June 2nd, and according to some recent teasers by the company, we’ll probably going to see some additional smart gadgets launched alongside the M1 Note.

That being said, the M1 Note’s successor was one of the best selling smartphones Meizu has ever produced. This is a mid-range offering by the company which actually offers a lot for the price. This thing is not the most anticipated Meizu offering this year though, the company’s MX5 and MX5 Pro flagships quite probably are though. We don’t have that many details regarding either of these devices at this moment, but some rumors have been suggesting that the MX5 might launch at the end of June. This seems a bit far-fetched considering that the MX4 launched in September, and MX4 Pro in November last year. It is possible, however, that Meizu wants to change things up a bit and launch the MX5 a bit sooner in order to make a bigger gap between the launch dates of these two handsets.

Speaking of MX5 and MX5 Pro, we have another leak to share with you. If you take a look at the provided image, you’ll see the alleged displays of these two devices. Now, according to the leak, Meizu MX5 and MX5 Pro will have one of the thinnest bezels around. ZTE’s Nubia Z9 did really great in that aspect, and it seems like this China-based company is looking to follow ZTE’s lead and introduced some really great looking devices this year. Speaking of which, a ‘bezel-less’ MX5 render already surfaced in China a while back, though that render doesn’t look all that real though. Either way, we’ll find out what’s what in the following weeks / months, stay tuned.