Meizu M2 Note Surfaces Rocking A Physical Home Button

Meizu M2 Note leak 1

We’ve seen quite a few Meizu-related rumors and leak recently, after a long period of silence. The company is rumored to release the Avengers-themed Meizu MX4 and M1 Note handsets on May 18, and the MX5 handset is said to be released on June 30, which leaves us the M1 Note’s successor. Well, according to the information available thus far, the M2 Note won’t sport a plastic body this time around, Meizu intends to offer this handset in a metallic body, much like the Meizu MX4 and MX4 Pro devices which were announced last year.

That being said, we have some new information regarding Meizu’s upcoming mid-ranger. We still don’t know when will this device get announced, but according to the latest rumors it will sport a fingerprint scanner on the back. Well, today we have a new leak to share with you, an image which allegedly shows off the Meizu M2 Note in the flesh. If you take a look at the provided image, you’ll notice that the home button is located below the display, and it’s more rounded than the square one on the MX4 Pro. The phone itself is also rounded, quite similar to its predecessor actually, but it seems like there are some differences in general shape. This is just a random leak which appeared in China and we cannot confirm it at this point. We are, however, sure that there will be quite a few such Meizu-related leaks, especially after such a long period of silence as far as anything Meizu-related is concerned.

According to reports, MediaTek has recently invested in Meizu, so the upcoming Meizu-branded handsets will quite probably ship with MediaTek’s chips on the inside. Well, most of them have been powered by MediaTek thus far either way (at least as far as the company’s more recent devices are concerned), with the exception of Meizu MX4 Pro which was powered by Samsung’s Exynos processor. There you have it folks, we’ll report back as soon as we get some additional news regarding the M1 Note and other Meizu-branded devices, so stay tuned for that.