Meerkat Launches on Android Officially in Beta


This year, a new battleground in social media was established, or centering around Twitter. Meerkat, the startup that seemingly came out of nowhere, took the internet by storm, allowing people to livestream video – without recording it for later – using Twitter. When you think about it, the concept is pretty brilliant, after all Twitter has a massive userbase, and with 4G internet in much of the Western world these days it's easier than ever to stream and watch video no matter where you are. There was just one problem with all of this however, and that's that Meerkat was only available for iOS devices. Shutting out Android users like those with a Galaxy S or Motorola device. Not too long ago, they launched Meerkat Unofficial, a rough test version of the app for Android, today this turns into an official beta version of the app available for download in the Google Play Store right now.

Twitter now offers their own direct competitor to Meerkat, dubbed Periscope and it only works on iOS. Launching an Android version before Twitter can get Periscope on Android devices is presumably going to work out quite well for Meerkat, and it could help stem the tide of people moving over to Twitter's official alternative. The app is, understandably a little limited right now as it is in beta after all, but we're sure the team is working on putting together updates with new features and improve performance.

The great thing about Meerkat coming to Android is that it opens up all sorts of extra content available on Twitter that was previously locked off. That means that big Twitter users can finally get access to some of their favorite livestreamers and of course play around with broadcasting for themselves. Like we said, it's available to download in the Play Store right now, and if you run into any major issues be sure to leave a detailed review in the Play Store to help them fix any current issues. Now we just need to wait for Periscope to make the jump to Android.

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