Lyft Partners With Verizon Wireless To Benefit Drivers And Passengers

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When it comes to ride services, Lyft is one of the more well-known options in recent years allowing users to get quick, friendly and reliable access to a ride anytime they need one. As opposed to ride sharing services like Zipcar or Cars2Go where people can drive themselves, Lyft allows users to open up the app, select a time to be picked up and a driver will be on their way to scoop users at the designated time and destination. Today Lyft is announcing a new partnership with Verizon Wireless that will make it even easier for those on the Verizon Network to request rides from Lyft whenever they need one.

Following this new partnership, Lyft will come preinstalled on Verizon Wireless Android devices, making it simple and fast to get started with the service. Those who won’t use Lyft will have the opportunity to unistall the application if they deem it necessary. This certainly makes things easier for Lyft passengers, but it’s not all about the passengers as the new partnership will benefit the Lyft drivers too. Drivers will now be able to get a discount off their monthly Verizon Wireless bill via the Lyft Driver Rewards program called ‘Accelerate’. If drivers have family plans they can get discounts on those too, and there are even some discounts for accessories to sweeten the whole deal.

The benefits of the program for Drivers begins next week, so although it hasn’t quite started yet there won’t be much of a wait. The Lyft app will reportedly be pre-installed onto only select Verizon Android devices so they won’t be on every single one, which may be good news for those who don’t plan on using it. Both Lyft and Verizon see this partnership as a “natural fit” as they both have a dedication to providing customers with “convenient and reliable experiences” according to Russ Priete, Verizon’s Region President. If you’ve never used Lyft before, it’s actually pretty simple and is a great alternative to traditional taxis with some affordable rates depending on how far you may need to go. Users interested in trying Lyft will want to make sure that Lyft operates in their area and plan around this should they decide that it would be a great option for transportation.