Liven Up Emails With Giphy For Gmail Chrome Extension

AH Giphy for Gmail 2

Email is easily one of the finest things to happen to the workforce in regards to efficiency and productivity in the last 20 years, but it’s also a doubled edged sword as sometimes we just want to turn it off. For all its praises email can also sometimes be a little bit mundane and for lack of a better description, boring. It doesn’t have to be though, and you can now liven things up a little bit by inserting your favorite GIFs without having to put too much effort into finding, downloading, and attaching them to your messages that are soon to hit your “send” box.

If you enjoy the power of GIFs and what they bring to the everyday occurrences on the internet, you’ll be happy to see that Giphy has now made it possible to easily insert GIFs right into your Gmail emails by way of a new Chrome extension called appropriately, Giphy for Gmail. While keeping things professional of course, you can now add a lively touch of a light-hearted GIF to either brighten the mood of any sullen and downdrawn email or to boost the excitement factor that already carries along with your positive words. This is just one of the ways GIFs are becoming increasingly easy to share and distribute as Fleksy Keyboard has also given users a way to easily insert GIFs into their messages through the GIF keyboard by Riffsy extension inside of Fleksy.

With the Giphy for Gmail extension, once it’s installed there will be a little Giphy icon at the bottom of the emails you’re currently composing, and all you have to do is simply tap this button which brings up a Giphy search box. Find the GIF you want to add, select it,  and finish typing up your email and that’s it. Now that it’s possible to add GIFs with one click right inside of your Gmail composer, you can get back to writing and sending those emails and get on with the rest of the day’s tasks. This may not be a monumental change to the world of email, but it certainly gives the act of email a little more energy than before.

Giphy for Gmail