Leak: New Image of the HTC One ME9's Sharp Metal Frame

HTC One ME9 Leak

The prolific leaker @upleaks has been on a tear as of late, particularly when it comes to images. A short time ago he graced us with renders of the upcoming Galaxy Tab S2, today we get a glimpse of the unannounced HTC One ME9. @upleaks recently posted an extensive list detailing the devices’ specs, which he has now updated with what appear to be official renders, giving us a very clear picture of what the next HTC device will offer overall.

While we already knew the One ME9 is likely to come in three colours – classic rose gold, gold sepia, and meteor gray – these are the first renders we have seen thus far, which appear to out the meteor gray version. They reveal the front, side, and back of the device. The front of the device is very reminiscent of the HTC One M9+, with top and bottom BoomSound speakers and a fingerprint sensor sandwiched in the middle of the bottom speaker. The major difference here is a hairline brushed aluminum finish and chamfered edges, which certainly lend the device some style points. The aluminum front panel wraps around the side of the phone, where we find a concentric brushed aluminum power button and a volume rocker, annexing the separate volume buttons found on the One M9.

Continuing towards the back we find the metal stops here, replaced by a matte polycarbonate panel. Though it certainly does not exude the same level of craftsmanship as an all-metal phone at least it has a matte finish, which should make it less offensive, easier to handle, and attract fewer fingerprints than glossy plastic. Up near the top we find a large, circular camera sensor flanked by a dual LED flash, which looks very similar to the One M9+, however the slimmer ring around it that matches the front panels colour looks much better than the thick, glossy ring on the One M9+. The interesting point here is the lack of a duo camera setup, which was already expected, but still nice to see. Say what you will about HTC’s duo camera setup from an imaging standpoint, but in terms of aesthetics, our current discussion, it detracts from a design’s cleanliness. According to the post the One ME9 will only be available in Asia, with India, Hong Kong, and Taiwan confirmed at the moment. The device is expected to garner a 3500 Chinese RMB (approx. $564) price tag, which is lower than the One M9+, likely due to its donning of less premium materials. It will be a disappointment to some that the device will not be coming to NA or EMEA, as it is likely many would prefer the devices specs to the One M9 whilst appreciating a lower price and solid overall design.