Latest Study Gives Us Insights into Canadian Mobile Usage

May 14, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

Canada is not just a huge country that sits above the United States, but a valuable testing ground for apps – as Canada goes, so does the rest of the world.  Flurry from Yahoo measures 38 million active devices in Canada to follow their mobile usage to help understand what apps Canadians use and how do they spend their time on their mobile devices.  What is also interesting is that in a country with a total population of approximately 35 million that means that there is one device for every man, woman and child.  For this latest study, they looked at the activity for 92,000 Canadian mobile devices during the month of March 2015.

As we look at how Canadians spend their time on their mobile devices, keep in mind that this includes both iOS and Android devices.  When it comes to mobile activities, apps are still the number one reason we use our devices – 86-percent – and only 14-percent are spent browsing…does anybody even make phone calls?  Facebook is the number one app at 22-percent, followed by Messaging and Social at 14-percent, Gaming is 14-percent and Music, Media and Entertainment is 9-percent.  It is funny that so many smartphone manufacturers are emphasizing fitness, yet only 3-percent use Health and Fitness apps, although they are growing.  Twitter is only at 1.5-percent…does that mean it is yesterday’s social media?  Surprisingly, Canada and the US have about the same breakdown and their love of apps, although mobile users in the US spend half the time on music and entertainment than Canadians – another surprise.  On the other hand, US mobile users spend a little over double the time playing games than Canadians.

From March 2014 to March 2015, app growth in Canada is up 26-percent driven by four categories of apps – Health and Fitness, Sports, Finance and Utilities and Productivity…all four growing at least 2.5 times faster than other app categories.  The Canadians do love their sports and in finance, more banks are now getting into online banking, making it so convenient to ‘bank-by-phone,’ why drive to the bank or pay bills through the normal snail mail.  Games and Lifestyle and Retail apps are not growing in Canada, while Lifestyle and Shopping are growing.

What else is growing in Canada is the phablet – although only at 14-percent compared to a 20-percent average worldwide – as Canadians are finding out that their love of media looks better on a phablet.  They expect to see continued growth in phablets as Canadians love of sports, music and media grows.

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