Jawbone Picks up Google’s VP of Shopping and Travel Products Sameer Samat

May 12, 2015 - Written By Phil Bourget

Jawbone will get another president at the end of this month, according to re/code, in the form of current Google shopping and travel VP Sameer Samat.  Samat will fill the role of president, under CEO and founder Hosain Rahman, to preside over product and engineering.  Samat will be filling a spot at Jawbone which has been vacant since 2014 when Mindy Mount left the position, while vacating his current position at Google. All of this could give Google Fit even more to worry about.

Samat might sound like a familiar name, especially if you’ve followed along with Google’s Shopping and Express services from their inception.  But what seems the most interesting is Jawbone’s current and latest batch of wearables, the Up3 and Up2, as well as the partnership deal between Jawbone and American Express to produce the Up4, a payment-focused wearable.  The last part was actually addressed by Samat in an interview.

Samat said that he plans to, at Jawbone, help the company grow its health-related wearables, while also working to broaden the horizon and acceptance of wearables at large, then moving to focus in on the more financial-related wearable and its potential.  Because, of course, who can make money off of a wearable for doing mobile transactions when nobody is willing to even wear something smarter than a Timex watch on their wrists?

The potential for something like Android wear is limited in part by adoption rates of more simple wearables which focus exclusively on one or two features rather than a computing whole, and Jawbone’s Up line of smart bands.  And while Jawbone’s Up devices are cross-platform, working fully with both Android and iOS, the fitness-minded consumer may purchase one for either platform and find that the same or other platform’s exclusive wearable lineup fits their needs better when stepping from a Jawbone Up to a more ‘fully-featured’ wearable or smart device.

Regardless of the hypotheticals, Samat’s impending move to Jawbone, set to happen at the end of this month, will offer Jawbone a major boost with his knowledge and skill with commerce and technology, especially with the upcoming Up4 in partnership with american Express.  And don’t worry, Jawbone’s Rahman says that the company is far from dead, as some are saying, and only have growth and improvement ahead.