J.K. Shin: Samsung Won’t Launch Galaxy Note 5 In July

May 20, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Samsung has been known for releasing smartphone made out of polycarbonate (plastic) for a long time, but the company has decided to change things up this year. This Korea-based smartphone OEM has introduced their Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge flagship devices back in March, and unlike their predecessors, these two devices are made out of metal. Because of the metal unibody design, they don’t sport a removable battery, and Samsung has also decided not to include the microSD card slot, which made a lot of people angry. Despite that, however, both of these devices were well-received thanks to significant changes Samsung introduced.

That being said, the company is expected to do something similar with their upcoming Galaxy Note 5 phablet. This thing is also expected to feature a metal unibody design, and the recent rumors have been saying that it might launch at the end of July, and not in September, when new iterations of the Galaxy Note series usually land. Well, it seems like those rumors were not exactly accurate. Samsung’s President of Mobile, J.K. Shin, has decided to shoot down such a possibility. Mr. Shin has said that the Galaxy Note 5 will arrive when it usually does, so I guess we can expect it in September during IFA in Berlin.

This is not the only rumor Mr. Shin has decided to shoot down, he also said that reports of poor Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge sales are also completely false. It seems like the sales of Samsung’s new flagships are proceeding as planned. There you have it, the Galaxy Note 5 will almost certainly land in September, when it usually does. What we don’t know just yet, however, is if Samsung intends to announce the Galaxy Note 5 Edge or not. As you all know, the company has announced the Note (4) Edge back in September, and the question remains whether the company intends to release another device with a curved display on only one side, or will we see the Galaxy S6 Edge-like device in September. It is possible that Samsung won’t release either, but that’s unlikely. The handset with a curved display on both sides would make sense, but we’ll see.