Instagram Brings its Photo Collage App to Android, Finally

ASUS Zenfone 2 Layout AH 1

Instagram, owned by Facebook, introduced their new app called Layout a few months ago. At the time it was only available for the iPhone, and they did say that Android would get it soon. Well it is now soon, as the app launched today in the Google Play Store. Layout is a photo collage app. I’m sure you’ve seen the many photo collage apps available on Android as well as iOS, and well now you have Instagram’s own version of that. Using the Layout app, users are able to make photo collages with up to 9 of their own images. You can also take new ones using the Photo Booth feature inside the app. You can then share the new photo collage on Instagram or elsewhere. Obviously, Instagram would rather you share it on their social network, however they aren’t stopping you from posting it elsewhere, or even downloading it and saving it for later on.

Another cool feature of the Layout app is that you can use the “Faces” tab to find pictures with people in it. So if you have a lot of photos on your smartphone, it makes it easier to browse through the selfies that you’ve taken. And I’m sure you took a lot. The best part about Layout? There’s no signup or account needed to get started, just download the app and start making photo collages. There are all kinds of designs you can use as well.

Photos have become a big part of our smartphone lives lately. With each manufacturer hiring a professional photographer to show us how awesome the camera is in their new smartphone (LG with the G4, and ASUS with the Zenfone 2). The photos that our smartphones can take are truly amazing, and being able to share up to 9 photos in a collage makes sharing our memories even easier to do. And who doesn’t want to share these with the world? Head to the source links down below and pick up the Layout app from the Google Play Store. It’s a pretty great app from the makers of Instagram – and perhaps Facebook.

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