India's Offers Unboxed OnePlus One at Discount

With how fast the mobile industry moves, it seems like every week we are hearing about a new device announcement or spinoff from a previous iteration.  Although rather exciting, the feasibility of buying a new smartphone every few weeks does not resonate with most.  We love manufacturers who are willing to take the risk of trying something different in the mobile arena.  For example, companies like OnePlus, who aim at creating the very best product while staying focused on the consumer throughout the production process.  The once tech startup carefully crafts both physical hardware and tirelessly engineers the unbloated, almost stock Android experience.  Deemed the smartphone killer, these devices shocked the world at their price points of $299 (16 GB) and $349 (64 GB) during their original release in 2014.  Thanks to the success the company has seen thus far, OnePlus has had the chance to expand beyond just the US market.

Since its original debut in India on December 2nd of last year, the Chinese-based company will be offering a special deal worth marking your calendar for.  On May 20th at 2 PM, India's online marketplace Overcart will begin selling already unboxed units of the OnePlus One handset for a staggering 16,999 Rs ($267.00 USD).  To sweeten the deal, this will be the 64GB Sandstone version which will represent roughly a 5,000 Rs deduction ($80.00 USD) off the standard price.  The deal does have a few caveats.  First, we don't know the total number of units that will be available for purchase at this specialized price.  Secondly, the exact condition of a device you purchase is unknown.  Overcart does a nice job of breaking down the definition of what "unboxed" means, but there are no guarantees it will be in flawless condition.  According to their site, these are unused devices with the box seal broken.  In a rare instance, Overcart states there could be some potential light marks, but this should be in the rarest of cases.  There is no confirmation of the Silk White variant being sold, or an alternative price for this variation.  Either way, you are getting an incredible smartphone for an incredible price.

Despite its age, the OnePlus One is still very much a powerhouse of a phone.  It provides a unique software experience that isn't dragged down by carrier intervention.  With its 5.5" 1080p display, 3 GB of ram, Snapdragon 801 processor under the hood, and a beefy 3,100 mAh battery, this is still a phone worth picking up at this price point.

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