HTC to Start Selling AMOLED Android Smartphones This Year

HTC Logo HD AH 12


While HTC might not be doing so well in terms of raw revenue, the company is far from down for the count. While Samsung and Apple dominate the high-end smartphone market, leaving the rest to be mopped up by LG and Motorola, there’s still money to be made. In the lower-end of the market, HTC has made quite a name for themselves with the Desire line of devices. Devices like the Desire 826 have proven popular in India and other emerging markets. The Desire line of devices have offered those not interested in spending masses of cash on an HTC One M9 or something similar an alternative that still offers a great experience without the associated cost and this year they look set to further this tradition.

According to a report from DigiTimes, Chinese firm Hehui Optoelectronics is to start supplying HTC with AMOLED displays for devices to launch throughout the second half of 2015. Hehui is a firm that was established not too long ago back in 2006 and has been mostly funded by investments by the Chinese government as well as investors throughout Shanghai. It’s been said that Hehui has improved upon their production of AMOLED displays since the end of last year, and will be providing competitive options for those looking to offer OLED displays without the price tag later this year.

Samsung still controls 90% of the AMOLED market, and their Super AMOLED displays used in their Galaxy devices have given AMOLED displays a brand cachet that HTC could be looking to cash in on with lower-end devices later this year. After all, while IPS panels have come a long way, there are many that still prefer the deep blacks and rich colors of an AMOLED display panel. There’s definitely a market for lower-end devices with AMOLED displays, and if HTC can offer devices with great displays for less, instead of forcing would-be buyers to consider Samsung, then they could definitely claw back some market share we think.