HTC Pushes their Car App into the Play Store

HTC Car AH 1

HTC Car, an app that basically turns your phone into an infotainment system. You have access to maps, music, calls and a few other options. But that’s about it, and that’s to keep your eyes on the road at all times, where they should be. The app allows you to find nearby gas stations, as well as do text-to-speech to read out your text messages and even emails. It can also read out your incoming calls, so that you know who is calling you. Always an important feature, because again, it keeps your eyes on the road.

This app has been pre-installed on the HTC One M9, and been exclusive to the One line for quite some time. Today, they pushed the app into the Play Store, HTC says it’s for all HTC devices. However, when we go into the Play Store, it’s only showing as compatible with the HTC One M9 still. Perhaps that will be updated soon. As the Play Store does take some time to update, typically a few hours to hit all of the servers.

The fact that the app is only available for HTC’s devices is rather disappointing, however it’s not the first time we’ve seen this. Many other OEMs, including LG, Samsung and Motorola have released apps into the Play Store that are only compatible with their own devices. But in reality, how many people actually use a Car app when their in the car, other than probably Android Auto? Most people just connect to Bluetooth and play music or charge up their smartphone.

If you own the HTC One M9 or any other HTC smartphone, you should be able to pick up the HTC Car app from the Google Play Store now. HTC also has their own car dock built for the HTC One M9, which you can pick up for $50. Or if you don’t want to spend that much, check out our Top 10 Best Android Car Docks. Those docks are universal and work with any Android smartphone. So it’ll definitely work with the HTC One M9, and many other HTC smartphones.