HTC Promotes The One M9+ In Three New Videos

May 27, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

The HTC One M9 may not have been met with as much enthusiasm as HTC was hoping for, which was likely only amplified when HTC announced the One M9+ with a slightly bigger display with better resolution, and the fingerprint sensor embedded in the physical button on the front of the phone. Alas, they chose to leave these things out of their official flagship HTC One M9, and to make matters worse for those customers who were hoping to get their hands on a more robust and powerful version of an HTC device either in European or the North American markets, HTC has stated the One M9+ won’t be launched outside of the Asian markets where it plans to sell the phone. You can however, order the phone on Amazon or likely have it imported.

Even though HTC won’t be selling the One M9+ outside of Asia, they still have to promote the device which these days includes YouTube-based videos. HTC has recently posted up three new videos which show off a few of the different device highlights, like the metal body, the boom sound speakers and the quality control build of the device. What makes relatively little sense is that these promotional videos for the HTC One M9+ are all in English like they were meant for the North American and English-speaking European markets, which is somewhat unexpected since the phone won’t be sold there officially.

With any luck, maybe HTC will end up bringing a device to the markets which won’t see the One M9+ that carries the same upgrades from it, but with a different name. However unlikely that may be, it would be a move to win over some consumers who might feel slighted by the fact that they aren’t given the chance to pick up a better phone. If you want to check out the promotional videos for the device, each one is pretty short at only thirty-six seconds and we have them posted for you down below. For the most part, the HTC One M9+ looks almost identical to the original HTC One M9, short of the slight size difference, the round camera on the back instead of square as well as the duo camera inclusion, and the physical button on the front where the fingerprint sensor sits.