HTC Confirm Android M For The One M9 And One M9+

Android M IO

Yesterday was the first day of Google’s annual android extravaganza that is Google I/O. As such, there was a ton of news related topics coming down the wire. During the keynote presentation, the announcements were varied and included confirmation of various rumors which had been circulating over recent weeks. These most notably included the confirmation of a revolutionized payment solution, now known as Android Pay, along with a new and feature-heavy photo service, now known as Google Photos.

Of course, the biggest news of the day came almost as soon as the keynote presentation began and was the confirmation of the android operating system’s next major update, Android M. Along with the overall announcement, Android M came with a number of smaller announcements confirming various features we can expect to see with the update. These included the likes of a new fingerprint feature as well as a more advanced control of app permissions. Not to mention, that as well as the announcement of Android M, there was also an announcement confirming the availability of M’s first preview release, the Android M Developer Preview. As per usual with this sort of thing, this was released with Nexus devices in mind.

As such, other manufacturer devices will have to go through the usual chore of waiting to see when their Android M experience will begin. That said, HTC, similar to how they were with Lollipop, are already confirming that Android M will be coming to their latest flagship devices, the HTC One M9 and One M9+. The confirmation came from HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager, Jeff Gordon via Twitter. It is also worth noting, that as well as the confirmation for the One M9 and M9+, Gordon also went on to state that other HTC devices will be confirmed soon. As such, it does seem that HTC are intent on being one of the companies who wants to make a commitment to rolling out M to their devices as soon as possible. Although, it is worth pointing out that the confirmation tweet did not provide any firm details such as when a possible M release for HTC devices might begin. That said, as it is not actually on release yet, this is not too surprising.

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