Google's Polymer 1.0 Makes Developing for the Web Easier

A good portion of Google I/O's Day One Keynote was dedicated to developers, and while Google is of course the creator of Android and their mobile platform means a lot to them, they're by no means a naive company. Google understands that people develop apps for iOS and they introduced new libraries and tools for iOS developers this week. Google also understands that no matter how popular smartphones become, the internet isn't going anywhere, and in fact as a result more and more people will be using the web to get access to the information and content they want. As such, they've introduced Polymer 1.0.

Polymer 1.0 is a way of bringing oodles of different web libraries together to create something truly excellent online. Polymer was previously released as a Developer Preview, but it's now hit the golden release and is available for budding web developers to start working with. Google have also expanded their elements selection which has an element to be used for practically anything you want to build in to your website. Performance has been improved upon as well, with Google promising "3x faster on Chrome, 4x faster on Safari" as well as a third less the amount of code used in the preview, creating something much lighter overall.

Polymer's Project site has been updated with all the new and relevant information for the 1.0 release, and there's a Starter Kit available for those looking for a jumping-in point. Polymer will make developing on the web easier, no matter which screen size you're coding for as there's a responsive framework and lots of other handy tools available for budding web builders.

This is something that Google wants people to use to bring projects together. Polymer makes it easier than ever to stitch different elements together as a whole and there's all sorts of examples available to take a look at and work into a test project of your own. Those interested can read more at the source link below.

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