Google Updates Drive To Include Terminal Feature

If you're an avid user of Google Drive on Android, any new features that come in are likely appreciated as they may end up helping you do just a little more than you were capable of doing before. In the most recent update to Drive, it seems Google is going to be implementing a new terminal feature within the app, allowing heavy users of the application to run a command shell from within Drive which is actually something many might find rather useful. As of right now the terminal feature doesn't seem to be available, but strings of code within the latest apk appear to reveal this forthcoming application functionality so it may be something Google turns on from their end.

With the ability to use the terminal inside of Google Drive this is a function that the everyday user is not going to find a use for. If you merely store some files in Drive along with backup images just to keep a copy of your stuff in the cloud in the event you lose the files or images kept in the internal storage, the terminal will likely serve no purpose for you. Nonetheless, this is an interesting move by Google to integrate something like a command line prompt inside of their cloud storage application.

Also in the latest version of Drive it seems that Google has added in a new little easter egg called colors. The name doesn't exactly give things away but chances are that if you spent the last few seconds scheming about what the easter egg might do you may not have been far off. Essentially what it does is just cycle the action bar through a series of different colors over and over and over. As far as easter eggs go this one is kind of cool and it definitely feels like it fits right in with Lollipop as much of material design is laden with colors throughout. Accessing it is pretty simple if you have the latest version of Drive where the easter egg has been turned on, just go into settings, tap the action bar five times and that's it, the colors will begin to cycle through. Nothing too crazy here in the way of new stuff, but a couple of tidbits for diehard power users are always nice to see.

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