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Google I/O 2015 is only a matter of hours away now and as such, all the news that is android will be soon unveiled. However, that does not mean that Google are not doing their usual thing and rolling out some updates to their apps, features and services. One of those services, which has recently been getting a lot of attention is Google Search. In fact, over the past few weeks, Search has seen a significant number of new features being added, including the ability to make a note or set an alarm, the ability to order food directly from search and not to mention, Search is soon expected to allow users to buy items directly from Search.

Well, the latest feature now being noted is a rather interesting one. In fact, it seems the new feature sees Google now trying to preempt the question you are going to ask and even provide the answer to you before you have finished asking the question. As you can see in the image above, with certain phrases being asked (these typically seem to be questions like how old, who is, what are and so on), the answer appears in the actual search suggestion bar along with the predicted text by Google. As such, there seems no reason to actually have to press enter or go through to the search results page. Just enter the question and immediately get an answer. So although not a massive feature, it is certainly one that will be helpful. Especially if the type of questions Google can answer becomes more varied in time.


It is not clear as of yet, if this newly added feature has come via a new update or has just been switched on universally, however, it does seem to be active now on mobile Search. Also, whether it will come to desktop or otherwise is yet to be known. Either way, you can check if it is working for you by simply opening the Google Search app or the Chrome Browser and searching. A good way to run the test is to use the question we used in the image above. At least with that one, you know Google are providing the answer in the search bar.

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