Google Rumored To Be Introducing New Android Privacy Controls At I/O

May 7, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Android is an ever growing entity and with each incarnation, newer and more advanced features are added. When Android 5.0 (Lollipop) came to view, it seemed Google had focused much more on the security aspects of android and added in a number of new security and encryption based features. Of course, this is not totally surprising. Google has been quite publicly criticized about the security of android in general and by both the public and, of course, by Apple. That said, the new security measures which were brought in with Lollipop, were largely considered to be decent additions and ones which highlighted Google’s continued focus on security.

Well, a new report emerging today from Bloomberg (source link below) suggests that Google’s focus on security is going to be a continued theme with android updates going forward. The report lists that Google is preparing to detail information on how android will offer users a much better and increased level of control over apps. More specifically, the permissions apps seek and the information they are given. The details of this latest security measure Google are planning to introduce were not that in-depth and did not offer any explanation as to how Google plans to implement the new controls, although it is presumed aspects like images, location, contact information and so on will be prime examples of the type of content which will be better managed and controlled in the future. This element of permission control, is, of course, one of the issues which seem most prevailing in recent times with many reports detailing how permissions of apps are becoming increasingly problematic.

As mentioned, the information on offer is vague and Bloomberg cite that they have received the formation from unnamed sources who are “familiar with the matter“. However, they do state that Google are planning to unveil the inner workings of the new control mechanisms at this year’s I/O event, which is set to take place at the end of the month. As such, the presumption is that these new control mechanisms will be unveiled along with the recently reported Android M update which is also now largely expected to also be unveiled at the event.