Google+ Photos Chrome App Comes To An End July 21st


Yesterday was a massive day for android users and for many reasons. For instance, if you were interested in the latest android operating system (and have a Nexus device), then yesterday saw you gifted with the ability to test run the developer preview of Android M on your device. If you were more interested in paying with your android device, then yesterday saw the announcement of Android Pay. However, one of the big surprise announcements of yesterday was the launch of Google Photos.

Now, the unveiling of Google Photos was not exactly a surprise, as the feature and service had been rumored in the weeks leading up to I/O. However, it was not known that Google would make the service immediately available (a couple of hours later in truth) and that they would offer unlimited storage of images (less than 16-megapixels in size) for free. As such, those two announcements made Google Photos the surprise hit of the event so far. Not to mention, in terms of the actual app, Google Photos seems feature heavy with great abilities to adjust and edit images on the fly and automatically. As such, it does seem likely that Google Photos will become a popular image option going forward.


With that in mind, the future for the Google+ photo features is starting to look bleaker. In fact, in terms of the dedicated Chrome app, Google+ Photos, the future look more than bleak. This is because Google have now announced that the Google+ Photos Chrome App will close fully on July 21st. As such, following this date, users of the app will no longer be able to upload or view images using the Chrome app. For the images that you have already uploaded using the service, then they are fine and will remain accessible via the new Google Photos app (or the corresponding Photos website). As such, none of your images will be lost, they just will no longer be accessible via this particular route. For those interested in knowing more about the closure of the Google+ Photos Chrome App, you can read the announcement by Google in full by clicking the source link below.

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