Google Marks First Year Anniversary Of Classroom With New Features

May 6, 2015 - Written By John Anon

With Google announcements now starting to roll in, Google has today announced the addition of some new features to their Google Classroom app. For those new to Classroom, this is one of Google’s takes on integrating their products and services into the education sector. In fact, the latest announcement (source link below) also notes that it was exactly one year ago this week that Google unveiled Classroom. For those wondering, it was not a coincidence that it also happens to be ‘teacher appreciation’ week, this week.

Well, as mentioned, and marking the first year anniversary, Google have announced that the Classroom app is receiving some new features, which seem to be primarily designed to better keep track of classes, across devices. The first main feature noted is the ability to be able to grade assignments from pretty much any device. This means teachers can now grade assignments from their mobile or tablet by using the app. Not to mention, they can also provide personal feedback to students. You can see an example of how this feature will look and function in the image below. In addition to being able to grade assignments, the latest update will also allow teachers to also create and edit assignments from their mobile and tablets. Lastly, Google have announced that teachers will also be able to create a post or an assignment simply by taking an image. As google puts it “share those whiteboard notes with the class or assign the math problem that you jotted down on that napkin“.

As well as announcing the new features, Google also took the opportunity to talk about how Classroom is doing, one year on. In short, Google announced that over 70 million assignments have now been handed in through Classroom and they have introduced over twenty new features that have been specifically asked for. The last of these came only a couple of weeks ago and included the ability for multiple teachers to manage and control assignments. In terms of the update, Google states this will begin rolling out this week. For more information on Classroom or to read the announcement in full, click the source link below.