Google IO 2015 Day 2 Wrap Up: Android M, ATAP, and More

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It’s day 2 of the Google IO 2015 conference and that means the event has officially come to a close. The most notable highlights from this year’s events are easily Android M, Android Pay, and both Project Soli and Project Jacquard from Google’s ATAP division, as well as Google Photos and the to be expected Android Wear devices in the future. Today we saw a lot more about Android M features thanks to the developer preview as well as the sessions for ATAP’s introduction to the wearables scene. We learned Levi’s will be the first official partner for Project Jacquard, which could end up bringing consumers a whole new world of wearables with connected clothing that can assist users in controlling certain functions on their devices.

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Android M

Android M Notification Shade Tracks Swipes On Tablets

Android M Supports Bluetooth Stylus, Gains New Share Menu

Android M Reported To Support 4K Displays

Android M Feature Highlights To Look Forward To

Android M Stock Keyboard Offers Split View Usage

Android M’s Bluetooth Scanning Improves Location Finding

Dialer Icon Replaced With Voice Search On M Lock Screen

Now On Tap Unlikely To Be Available On M Developer Preview

Android M’s Doze Likely To Offer Per-App Manual Controlling

Android M Google Settings Now Accessible In System Settings

Android M Has An Experimental Multi-Window Feature

Disable Heads Up Notifications Individually In Android M

Android M Has A Detailed RAM Manager

Android Milkshake Won’t Be The Official Name After All

HTC Confirm Android M For The One M9 And One M9+

Android M Developer Preview to Get Regular Updates

Google Android M Preview Screenshots Gallery

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Android Wear

Google Maps API Lands On Android Wear

Google IO 15 Keynote AH 16

Android Pay/Hands-Free Payments

Discover Cardmembers Will Enjoy Android Pay

USAA Among The First To Support Android Pay This Summer

Google Needs Android Pay to Take Off

Google Outs Upcoming Preview For Hands-Free Payments

Google IO 15 Keynote AH 73

Google Photos

Google Photos’ Unlimited Storage Comes With A Caveat

Photos Separating From Google+ Will Lead To Big Changes


Android Auto

Huawei & Volkswagen Unveil Collaborative In-Car Project

Material Design Guidelines Expand to Android TV and Auto



Former Disney Animator Praises Google Spotlight Stories

Google’s ATAP Team Unveils Radar Sensor For Wearables

Project Ara Showcased On Stage And Highlights Working Camera

Levi’s Named As First Partner For ATAP’s Project Jacquard

Google IO 15 Keynote AH 02

Google Vault

Smart Secure MicroSD Storage Google Vault Announced

Google IO 15 Keynote AH 84

Google Cardboard/VR

Cardboard Design Lab Teaches VR Design Principles

Google’s New 360-Degree Videos Are Pretty Awesome

Dodocase Launches New Google Cardboard VR Headset for $25

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NVIDIA Outs AndroidWorks To Help Devs Build Great Games

Google/Qualcomm Unveil Project Tango Reference Phone

Introducing Google Identity Platform; Bolt-On App Security

Google Unveils New Tools To Help Make Your App Successful

Google’s Polymer 1.0 Makes Developing for the Web Easier

Android Studio 1.3 Adds Native Support for C/C++

Google Updates Play Services To 7.5 With New Features

The Chromecast Will Soon Receive a Significant Update