Google I/O 2015 Day 1 Wrap Up: Android M, Android Pay, Android Wear & More

Google IO 15 Keynote AH 01


Day 1 of Google I/O is over and the keynote speech has long been done since this morning. There was quite a bit outed by Google, including the official announcement of Android M and some of its features, the availability of the developer preview which starts today, and the introduction of Android Pay, which will support all devices running KitKat forward. Android Wear received a brief discussion, with Google stating that there will be more apps coming to the already 4000+ existing apps in the library, and that we would see more Android Wear devices by the year’s end. Also was the Google Photos application which was leaked just a week or two ago, and family friendly categories were unveiled as well with the categories now live. If you missed anything from this morning you can check out the liveblog post, or you can find all the links to everything that happened during the day below for a more individualized breakdown of each topic.

Google IO 15 Keynote AH 28

Android M

Android M Announced At Google I/O, Arriving In Q3

Google Confirms App Permission Controls On Android M

Android M and USB Type-C to Make Batteries More Useful

There Is An Easter Egg In The Android M Preview

Android M Developer Preview on Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Player

Android M Developer Preview Now Available To Download

Could The M In Android M Stand For Milkshake?

Auto Backup for Apps in Android M to Ease Changing Devices

Rumor: Android M Features May Shape New Nexus Design

The Android M App Drawer Gets Visual Changes

Visual Styling Of Android M; Optional Light And Dark Themes

Android M Ringtones And Sounds Available – Download Included

Android M Offers Android TV Improved Bluetooth And Storage

Android M Adds System UI Tuner And Other New Features

Android M Default Wallpaper Ready for Download

Dashlane Implements New Android M Fingerprint APIs

Google IO 15 Keynote AH 13

Android Pay

Android Pay Seems To Be Confirmed For I/O Launch

Android Pay Officially Announced During I/O 15

MasterCard Details Android Pay Support

Ingenico: Most Big, Medium Companies Ready For Android Pay

Google IO 15 Keynote AH 31

Android Wear

Android Wear Now Has 4,000 Apps

Android Wear’s ‘Always On’ Now Supported By Runtastic

Spotify To Provide Major Android Wear App Upgrade

Google IO 15 Keynote AH 67

Google Photos

Google Announce Google Photos At I/O

Google Photos: Very Much the Gallery You Want and Need

Google Photos Looks Great Against Costly Competition

Google IO 15 Keynote AH 47

Brillo (IoT)

Google Confirm The Internet of Things Platform ‘Brillo’

Google IO 15 Keynote AH 85

Google Cardboard/VR

Google Cardboard Expeditions Takes Classrooms Anywhere

Google Debuts Virtual Reality Jump Technology

Google IO 15 Keynote AH 02


Google Now to Get Even Smarter with Now on Tap

Google Announce HBO NOW Coming To Android

Google Makes it Easier to Develop for Android at I/O 15

ATAP’s Project Jacquard Weaves Electronics Into Fabric

Chromecast’s Success: 1.5 Billion Castings

Google Announce Improved Offline Maps Coming This Year

Chrome Custom Tabs Unifies App & Browser Experience

Android Offers Nanodegree From Google And Udacity

Google Announces Family-Friendly Features For Google Play

Google Announce Android TV Channels To Improve Interface

Google Automates Player Analytics In Play Games App

Google Developers Website Gets Full Material Design Makeover

Google I/O 2015: Keynote Highlights