Google To Host Ubiquitous Computing Event

Google's biggest developer conference of the year, Google I/O, just ended. Now it looks like Google is already planning their next developer-focused event, only this time it will be completely focused on "ubiquitous computing." The event, while it has no set date yet, is going to be taking place in San Francisco and focus on getting developers to develop software that will run on all types of devices.

This information comes from the folks over at SlashGear who are saying that a Google developer advocate discussed this with them. SlashGear also says that the same advocate told them Google will attempt to get developers creating "context-aware" apps at this ubiquitous computing event. What Google likely means by context-aware apps is apps that actually understand what their environment is and what situation they are being used in. For instance, if you are on a run and open the music app on your phone, the music app will know that you are running and begin playing your running playlist automatically.

While apps being able to understand what context they are being used in would be great, what is also important here is something that was mentioned above. That is developers creating software that will run on all types of devices, whether that be a phone, tablet, wearable, car or home. Many technology companies, such as Microsoft have been promising software and apps that run across different types of devices for years, but sadly none ever quite delivered on that promise. Other developer advocates at Google also told SlashGear that they don't want developers to have separate apps for different types of devices. Instead, they would like developers to create a single app that would run perfectly well on all types of devices.

Doing what Google hopes to push and encourage developers to do at this ubiquitous computing event is by no means an easy feat. Designing and creating an app that will not only run, but run good and look good on all types of different devices with different screen sizes is a huge challenge. But, maybe Google will be able to work a little bit of their magic and figure something out with their loyal developers to make this type of app a reality.

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