Google Glass Jobs Hints Family Of Products Could Be Coming


It may only be May, but Google’s now infamous Glass has already had an exciting year. The first couple of weeks of January saw reports coming in suggesting Google was planning on a transitional period for Glass. Many took this to mean that Glass had reached its conclusion and Google were preparing to abandon the concept completely. However, that thinking seemed to be a little premature, as instead of being abandoned it seemed Glass was merely graduating from within Google’s X labs into its own standalone status. Something, which happens to many concepts and products once they pass through their initial Google X labs placement.

In fact, since then, reports have also been emerging suggesting that the second rendition of Glass, Glass 2.0. as it is being dubbed was en route. The reports highlight various possibilities on what Glass 2.0 might offer in the way of new features, not to mention possible changes in the design compared to its predecessor. In fact, one report even suggested Google were already busy contemplating what the third rendition of Glass would be, do and offer. As such, the concept of Glass being abandoned seems very far from the truth.

Now, the latest coming in respect of Glass, is that Glass might not be the only product that Google are working on, or at least have in the pipeline. It seems that Google’s hiring pages are now displaying all types of jobs that are currently available and for positions, which in principle, would compliment Glass. Some of the positions on offer include the likes of ‘Audio Hardware Manager’ and ‘Human Factors Designer’. With positions like this, it could be far more likely that Google see Glass as the first and initial building block in a family of wearable devices, based around the same principle. Possibly, what is most revealing in terms of the ‘Glass family’, is the sign-off on what appears on all of the Glass team job postings. The sign off reads “It is charged with pioneering, developing, building and launching smart eyewear and other related products“, clearly highlighted, that not only is Glass still here, but there might be many ‘other related products’ en route.